The Stern Group is committed to values of quality, excellence and service

For over 40 years the Stern Group has been implementing the ideas of the world ׳s most imaginative architects, giving them new meaning and stature in the process, and creating quality encounters between people and their living space, between workers and their workplace, and between man and his surroundings.

The Stern Company

Since its establishment in 1979 by Stern family members Izack, and his sons Amnon and Asaf, the Stern Group has been imbuing new meaning into the phrase “a tradition to build on”. For over 30 years the Group has enjoyed a reputation that positions it among the leaders of the construction industry. The group is well known for its uncompromising reliability, its creativity, and its top quality and strict professionalism. In addition, it is no less well known for its skilled workforce, financial solidity, a consistent adherence to timetables and its pleasant and efficient customer service.

The Stern Group firmly believes that providing a perfect service is the key to success. Such perfection of service starts with the initial planning stages, continues through the training of work teams for optimal implementation, and is maintained right up to the delivery of the perfectly completed project.

The Stern Group closely supervises its work teams ensuring their uncompromising professionalism, maximum efficiency, and strict adherence to timetables, as well as their fulfillment of technical specifications to the smallest detail, while never breeching the limits of the budgetary framework. These objectives are the core values of every work team approaching a new project and the guiding principles throughout every stage of their work. All Stern Group subsidiaries comply with the most severe Israeli and international construction standards.

The Group is ISO 9002 certified thanks to its vigilant and effective quality assurance and control procedures. The company employs about 50 qualified engineers and managers and skilled fit-out workers according to requirements.

The Stern Group structure

  1. Stern Group Ltd.

    1. Stern Tech Ltd.

      1. Open Valley Yokneam

    2. Izack Stern Ltd.

      1. Carmel Ltd.

      2. Tivon Properties Ltd.

        1. President Ltd.

    3. Stern A.A.I
      Holdings & Investments

      1. Stern Hotels

Several subsidiary companies make up the Stern Group. Each subsidiary provides its specific area of expertise, whether it be operational activities and real estate, or the expertise of international construction companies developing projects in Israel and Europe including residential communities, commercial complexes, hotels and office buildings.

The Stern Girls

Through these specialized subsidiaries, the Group serves a wide range of customers in Israel and throughout the world. It places at its customers’ disposal its rich experience and know-how in every area of civil engineering, from initial development and through all stages of construction of complex projects.

The Stern Group’s reputation is firmly supported by its high quality construction in an array of sectors. For the business sector, in recent years the Stern Group has built hundreds of thousands of square meters of office space. It has also built academic buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial and entertainment complexes. It has built luxury hotels in Israel and in Bulgaria. Among its customers are such leading Israeli and international companies as Intel, the Technion Institute of Technology, Osem, Tnuva, Strauss, Neviot, and the Haifa Congress Center.

In the residential sector, the Group has acted both as developer and builder of thousands of residential units that reflect Stern’s creative thinking, rich environmental development that ideally complements the living space, and precision construction meeting the highest international standards from the largest to the smallest detail. The Group’s projects include thousands of residential units, residential communities consisting of garden homes, as well as high density communities and residential towers. In Europe, the group has built hundreds of residential units in prestigious communities.


Izack Stern - r.i.p


Izack Stern Izack Stern r.i.p

Izack established the company which holds his name, together with his both sons more than 40 years ago.

Izack was born in Hungary and survived the holocaust as a leading member in the Jewish resistance in Budapest under a fake identity during the war. Thanks to Izack and his fellow resistance members, thousands of Jewish lives were saved.

Izack emigrated to Israel Illegally in 1946 when the land was under British occupation. And was one of the founders of Kibbutz Yas'ur in the western Galilee.

For years he worked at "Mekorot" as projects manager. As part of his job Izack was sent to manage construction projects worldwide, such as a river damn in Iran and infrastructure projects in Uganda.

Izack was married to Chedva for more than 50 years, father to Amnon and Asaf and grandfather to 6. He lived in Tivon.

Died at the age of 89. He believed in Israel and the need of settling it. He kept on working up to his last days.

Company Management

  • Amnon Stern Co-owner and C.E.O.

    • Co-owner and C.E.O. of Stern group.
    • Involved in real-estate and construction for over 40 years and lives in Kiryat Tivon.
    • Chaired as mayor and vicarious mayor of Kiryat Tivon for 19.5 years.
    • Married, father of 3 and grandfather of 5.
    • Hobbies - long distance swimmer and loves challenging treks around the globe.
  • Asaf Stern Co-owner and C.E.O.

    • Co-owner and C.E.O. of Stern group.
    • Involved in real-estate and construction for over 40 years and lives in Timrat.
    • During his reserve army service received the rank of lieutenant colonel in the artillery corps.
    • Married, father of 3 and grandfather of 4.
    • Hobbies - field navigation, flying light aircrafts, running and cycling.
  • Lior Snir V.P. of engineering

    • Holds a B.S.C at civil engineering from the Technion.
    • Holds the rank of Major in the army reserves, served at the combat engineering corps.
    • Lior lives in Givat Ela, married and father of 3 children.
    • Hobbies - Wind surfing.
  • Hanny Harary CFO

    • Holds a bachelor's degree in economics + one year of specialization in accounting.
    • Holds a C.P.A diploma.
    • Hanny lives in Tivon, married and mother of 2 children.
    • Hobbies - various fields of sports.
  • Kobi Bendalak Regional manager

    • Holds a B.S.C in civil engineering from the Technion.
    • Worked for years in the Ivory coast in Africa as projects manager.
    • Kobi lives in Tal-El, married and father to 3 children.
    • Hobbies - Kobi is a big fan of Maccabi Haifa and attends most of the team's matches in Israel and abroad.
  • Hagay Eitan Regional manager

    • Holds a B.S.C at civil engineering from the Technion.
    • Hagay was born into the construction world and has been involved in it for most of his life.
    • Hagay lives in Yokneam Ilit, married and father to 3 children.
    • Hobbies - nature hikes and fine cuisine.
  • Yosi Eliyahu Regional manager

    • Studied in Ariel university and certified as a civil engineer.
    • Yosi has great experience building huge residential and commercial buildings in greater Tel aviv.
    • Lives in Neve Monoson, married and father of 3 children.
    • Hobbies - participating in Marathons in Israel and around the world.
  • Oren Stern Company's lawyer and legal adviser and in charge of business development in Bulgaria and Israel

    • Holds an L.L.B in Law and a B.A in political science from the I.D.C.
    • Oren is a captain in a reserve reconnaissance unit.
    • Lives in Timrat, married and father to 2 girls.
    • Hobbies – running, family trips, ski and general history.
  • Michel Salem Tenders department manager

    • Studied architecture at the Technion.
    • Michel lives in Nazareth, married and father of 3 children.
    • Hobbies - down hill bicycle riding.
  • Doron Bitan Acquisition manager

    • Studied industrial management and served as major in army corps of communication.
    • Doron lives in Yokneam Ilit, married and father to 3 children.
    • Hobbies - long distance running and mountain climbing.
  • Ronit Chen Chief accountant and payroll

    • Licensed tax consultant.
    • Ronit lives in Kiryat Yam, married and mother to 2 children.
    • Hobbies - trains regularly at studio C.
  • Yossi Lavi Safety officer

    • Holds a B.S.C in civil engineering from the Technion.
    • Has over 10 years of experience in the safety field, both in construction and industry.
    • Yossi lives in Kiryat Tivon, married and father of 2 boys.
    • Hobbies – Basketball and outdoor hiking.
  • Eliad Shemesh Head of quality assurance and maintenance

    • Holds vast experience as foreman in which he developed a unique capability of solving problems in creative manners.
    • Eliad lives in Kochav Ya'akov, married and father to 6 children.
    • Hobbies – Eliad is an avid soccer player.